A Niggas Life.

This is a blog about me and only me. Basically like my diary. I complain alot so this blog would be annoying as fuck if you followed. So do yourself a favor and don't browse through my bullshit. Thank you & Have a nice day.

The equation to a perfect boyfriend

6Paul Rudd + 4Daniel tosh + 8Andy samberg + 8zach cregger + 5will Ferrell +5micheal angelakos +4steve carrell+ 6Andrew Garfield= perfection

I fucking hate Jacob

Okay so me and my mom just got done shopping at target and we were outside walking to the car and all of a sudden I see Jacob walking with His friend looking and laughing at me , I soon make eye contact with him & we pass by each other. I say “ugh i know that guy” & I think he heard me. Then she asks what’s his name and I say “Jacob, I really don’t like him”. & when he walks by us he tells out “isn’t that the girl that hooked up with John!!??!!” -___-. That little shit . He knows I’m not allowed to date. & he knew that was my mother I was walking with. My mom thought he said Tom. I guess that’s better then knowing it was John . Fuck, I wish I never even met Jacob & John . Those little shits. & Alea isn’t even answering her phone. Well tomorrow were going to California ! Yay! I’m scared of the plane ride tho . :/ but I got 2 books from Barnes & nobles ! & 2 bras & a cute long sleeve shirt.

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